Personal Coaching Sessions

If you're here, then I already know you are a hard-working professional climbing the corporate ladder and trying to balance it all. I’d love to help you achieve your goals. 

What do you gain from Personal Coaching?

A New Mindset

Discover the power of appreciative intelligence and positive reframing so you can create the future you want. 


Refine your definition of success and develop a clear path to achieving it. 


Build confidence and skills so you can gain more control over your life and career.

Leadership Presence

Improve your ability to connect, engage, and influence people so you can command a room.

New Strategies

Discover new techniques to exude confidence, manage perceptions, increase social capital, and craft compelling presentations.


The more you practice leadership and public speaking, the more confident you will become. Coaching gives you the luxury of practicing in a low-stakes setting, so you can give a performance they'll never forget.

Personal Coaching Sessions

"Thank you for being a great coach, Vanessa. This year, I led three workshops (including one at the Smithsonian and one at KIPP DC), and I was a guest on a local radio show. The skills I learned in your classes helped me focus on my audience, determine my objective, and be an informative and entertaining presenter. I could not have done this without the lessons I learned from you.  I keep your 'Steps for a Successful Presentation' and 'Qualities of an Engaging Speaker' posted on my wall." 

- Simone Boyd, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 


Presentation Planning

Learn my proven method for planning compelling presentations. Discover how to include personal stories and humor, so your audience is interested and engaged, no matter how dry the topic. Get tips on creating effective power-point presentations and strategies for presenting online. 


Public Speaking

Hook your audience from the start and keep them hanging on every word. I'll help you overcome your fears, discover your voice, deliver an engaging presentation, and achieve your goal.

Writing on a Notebook

Speech Writing

Do you need to deliver a motivational speech, but you lack inspiration? Do you need to kick off an event or conference, but you're not sure what to say? Do you want to tell a compelling story, but you don't think you have one? I can help you craft an authentic and inspirational speech for any occasion.


Interview Preperation

Do you want to take the next step in your career? Do you need to brush up your interview skills? Are you uncomfortable interviewing online? I can help you feel confident and prepared. You will learn how to tell your story and connect with the interviewer. Practice your answers to the tough questions, and get tips and tricks for interviewing on camera, so you get the job you want.


Leadership Coaching

Build confidence while practicing new techniques to exude confidence, manage perceptions, improve communication, and increase your social capital so that you can gain more control over your life and career.