What Clients Say About Vanessa Hope 

"Vanessa is an amazing teacher. She is tough, but kind and she makes what can be one of life's greatest challenges not only doable, but even fun. I recommend her work without hesitation and with great pleasure.''


- Claude R. Marx, Journalist and Author.


“Vanessa is among the best teachers I have had. She is enthusiastic, positive and incredibly supportive. I learned skills that yielded rapid improvement in my ability to engage audiences, prepare presentations and feel confident in high pressure situations.”  

- Maisie Hughes, Policy and Advocacy Director


“Vanessa's coaching techniques focused on identifying my strengths and weaknesses and then working on deeper techniques to overcome weak areas. I learned how to project my voice, use and use a structured process to deliver a message with conviction.”

      – Mano Kalathil, Vice President, Crankfrog



"I've taken Vanessa's class twice, and have learned so much about how to present myself and my ideas with confidence.  Vanessa gives excellent feedback that is tailored specifically to you and your needs. I can't recommend her highly enough."

     - Andrea Van Hook, Writer and Marketing Executive


"Thank you for being a great coach, Vanessa. This year, I led three workshops (including one at the Smithsonian and one at KIPP DC) and I was a guest on a local radio show. The skills I learned in your classes helped me to focus on my audience, determine my objective and be an informative and entertaining presenter. I could not have done this without the lessons I learned from you.  I keep your 'Steps for a Successful Presentation' and 'Qualities of an Engaging Speaker' posted on my wall." 


 – Simone Boyd, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


"Vanessa is an excellent presenter. She gets the room engaged, which makes the learning organic and fun."

 - Corporate Training Participant


 "Vanessa connects with the audience by sharing the same feelings/experiences while going through the process of learning the material. She brings everything to a human level and not academic."


- Corporate Training Participant 


"I wanted to thank you for your training. It was so informative and I'm looking forward to the next session. I'm currently interviewing for the Chief of Staff Role and your pointers immediately helped me with my confidence during the interview process." 

-Crystal Montague, Manager Customer Experience at ARC 

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